My real name is Juvencia Margriet Maria Louisa but everybody calls me Madi. I’m a proud Arubian and my family has lived for many generations in St Cruz the heart off the island.

This is the short version of how I started: I lived on a hill and needed a though car to get there. The roads then where even bumpier then they are now. But still, I lived on the best road to Natural Pool. I noticed that people had trouble reaching the Natural Pool with their regular car, 

so I started helping them out. Eventually I made it my job to go on those bumpy roads that I love so much. In all these years I had to say goodbye to 12 jeeps.


Family Company

Today I have been giving tours for 20 years, meanwhile my children have grown up, and making Madi Magical tours now a family operated company.

This is a personal tour with local guides. I love my job. Come and try to get the magic that others have experienced already.